Nalley Chili Shortage

Have you visited your go-to store only to find the shelves where Nalley Chili used to be empty? If you’re wondering about the absence of your favorite chili, you’re not alone – we’re currently facing a Nalley Chili shortage. As a chili lover, you might be grappling with the scarcity. 

Read on to discover the reasons behind this shortage and whether Nalley chili is discontinued.

A Quick Overview of Nalley Chili:

A Quick Overview of Nalley Chili
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Let’s delve into some history. Nalley Chili, a creation of the Nalley company, is more than a food product; it’s a piece of Americana. Founded in 1911 by John Nalley, this brand has been a comfort food staple for over a century. 

Initially in Tacoma, now owned by Pinnacle Foods, it gained nationwide fame for its unique soy-based protein and pink beans blend. Recent changes, like production shift to Iowa and sodium concerns, have resulted in a noticeable shortage on store shelves.

What Caused the Recent Nalley Chili Shortage?

So, what’s causing the recent Nalley chili shortage? It’s more than a simple supply hiccup; it’s a complex interplay of factors.

The global disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic led to challenges in the supply chain, making it difficult for Nalley Chili to secure enough cans and lids to meet the rising demand. 

This shortage, stretching into 2023, is compounded by reduced worker availability due to pandemic-related issues, as well as the production facility’s relocation from Tacoma to Iowa, disrupting established manufacturing processes.

How is the Shortage Affecting Nalley Chili Lovers?

For devoted Nalley Chili enthusiasts, this scarcity goes beyond a mere inconvenience; it’s a cause of genuine concern. Fans frequently encounter empty shelves, resorting to searching multiple stores or online platforms, sometimes facing inflated prices. 

This shortage has not only affected their taste buds but has also left an emotional void, as Nalley Chili holds a special place in many American kitchens.

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Will Nalley Chili Come Back in Stores?

Will Nalley Chili Come Back in Stores
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Now, the pressing question: when will Nalley Chili make a comeback on the shelves? Or is this shortage a permanent scenario? Fortunately, Conagra, the parent company, is addressing it, though it’s a gradual process. 

The objective is to navigate the supply chain challenges and steadily replenish stores, targeting a full return by the first quarter of 2024. Until then, chili enthusiasts may need to exercise patience or explore alternative options.

Who Bought Out Nalley Chili?

Throughout its history, Nalley Chili has undergone multiple changes in ownership. Originally established by Marcus Nalley, it achieved household recognition under various proprietors. The latest custodian is Conagra, currently steering the brand.

This shift in ownership has influenced production and availability, contributing to the ongoing shortage. Before we conclude, it’s important to note that the Nalley chili shortage extends beyond households; it’s affecting restaurants as well.

Establishments that once depended on Nalley’s bulk and single-serve chili are now seeking viable alternatives. This underscores the significant impact of the shortage on the entire food industry.

Nalley Chili Shortage – Alternatives to Explore:

With the regrettable shortage of Nalley Chili, many find themselves yearning for that familiar and comforting taste. While anticipating the return of Nalley Chili to the shelves, let’s delve into some delicious and readily available alternatives.

It’s an excellent opportunity to experiment and perhaps uncover a new favorite!

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1: Homemade Chili:

There’s nothing comparable to the enticing scent of homemade chili wafting from the stove. It’s an opportunity to unleash your creativity in the kitchen, customizing ingredients to your preference, managing sodium levels, and adjusting the spice level according to your taste.

Begin with a foundation of ground beef or turkey, tomatoes, beans, and chili spices. Enhance the flavor with the addition of onions and bell peppers!

2: Local Brands:

Nalley Chili Local Brands
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Explore local chili brands that might be off your radar. Smaller, regional brands often showcase distinct flavors and styles. 

Supporting local businesses is an added benefit, and you might discover a chili that competes with your affection for Nalley.

3: Vegetarian / Vegan Options:

For individuals seeking a healthier or plant-based substitute, numerous vegetarian and vegan chili choices are available. 

Brands like Amy’s Kitchen provide tasty, robust vegan chili filled with flavor and wholesome ingredients. These alternatives are not only beneficial for your well-being but also eco-friendly.

4: DIY Chili Kits:

Some retailers provide DIY chili kits featuring pre-measured spices and straightforward recipes. These kits offer a enjoyable and hassle-free way to prepare homemade chili without the need to measure out various spices.


1. Why is there a Nalley Chili shortage?

The shortage results from supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, worker availability issues, and the relocation of the production facility to Iowa.

2. How is the shortage affecting consumers?

Nalley Chili lovers face empty shelves, resorting to searching multiple stores or online platforms, sometimes paying inflated prices.

3. Is Nalley Chili discontinued?

No, there is no indication of Nalley Chili being discontinued. The shortage is a result of various factors impacting production.

4. When will Nalley Chili be back in stores?

Conagra, the parent company, aims to fully restock stores by the first quarter of 2024, gradually overcoming supply chain challenges.

5. Who currently owns Nalley Chili?

Conagra is the current owner of Nalley Chili, following a series of ownership changes throughout its history.

6. How has the shortage affected restaurants?

Restaurants that relied on Nalley’s bulk and single-serve chili are seeking alternatives due to the shortage, impacting the food industry.

7. What are some alternatives to Nalley Chili?

Explore alternatives like homemade chili, local brands, vegetarian/vegan options, and DIY chili kits to satisfy your chili cravings.

8. Is there hope for the return of Nalley Chili?

Yes, Conagra is actively working on replenishing stocks, and the goal is a full return to shelves by the first quarter of 2024.


The Nalley Chili Shortage goes beyond a momentary inconvenience, reflecting broader global challenges and shifts in the food industry.

While awaiting Nalley Chili’s return, embrace the chance to discover new flavors and maybe craft some homemade recipes. Stay optimistic, chili lovers – the wait promises to be rewarding!

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