Bioma, a burgeoning gut health supplement brand, has gained significant popularity in recent months. The brand asserts that, recognizing the uniqueness of each individual’s gut, their probiotic supplements are tailored accordingly. 

This article aims to scrutinize whether Bioma truly delivers personalized supplements or if it’s merely a marketing claim.

Additionally, we will assess the use of research-backed ingredients, examine the presence of any questionable additives, and delve into real user experiences, presenting an unbiased evaluation of the supplement’s efficacy in optimizing gut health. 

Our analysis will extend to the company’s marketing strategy, highlighting potential concerns, and will feature genuine, unsponsored customer reviews to provide a comprehensive overview of the brand.

Is Bioma Actually Personalized?

Is Bioma Actually Personalized?
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As emphasized earlier, the Bioma website strongly implies the sale of personalized supplements, presumably tailored to each customer’s unique needs. The assertion that “your probiotics should reflect that” led to the expectation of a supplement customized based on responses provided in the gut quiz.

However, my experience raised doubts in this regard. Despite completing the Bioma gut quiz twice with entirely different answers, the ingredients in the supplement remained identical. Furthermore, the supplement is available on Amazon with a single formulation.

While it’s practical for supplement companies to have a standard formulation, Bioma’s marketing strategy seems questionable. To be fair to customers, clarity about offering a single formulation would be beneficial. We also take issue with the “diagnoses” provided by Bioma after completing the quiz.

As a supplement, not a healthcare company, diagnosing conditions like gut inflammation through online quizzes appears unscientific. Individuals with potential gastrointestinal issues should consult a doctor for accurate diagnosis rather than relying on online quizzes.

The next section of this article will delve into the analysis of whether the Bioma supplement contains research-backed ingredients.

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Ingredient Analysis:

Bioma Ingredient Analysis
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The components in Bioma are detailed above:

Xylooligosaccharides, a prebiotic ingredient in Bioma, are supported by research. However, we couldn’t find medical evidence indicating their effectiveness at the low dose present in Bioma.

Interestingly, Bioma’s own scientific references page references studies that use significantly higher doses than those found in their supplement.

One cited medical review suggests, “[Xylooligosaccharide] supplementation may be beneficial to gastrointestinal microbiota, and 2.8 grams per day may be more effective than 1.4 grams per day.” Notably, 2.8 grams is 28 times the dose in Bioma.

Tributyrin, a triglyceride with documented anti-inflammatory effects in the gut, is another active ingredient, as highlighted in our review of the best probiotics for women.

The Proprietary Probiotic Blend is the final active ingredient, with a total dose of 9 billion colony-forming units (CFUs), falling within the typical dosing range according to a Fact Sheet on probiotics from the National Institutes of Health.

A specific strain of Bifidobacterium lactis, present in Bioma, is clinically proven to improve gastrointestinal symptoms after antibiotic treatment.

The inactive ingredients in this formulation are likely safe and non-toxic.

Overall, we believe Bioma is likely to contribute to optimal gut health. While we have reservations about the company’s marketing approach, we find no concerns with the supplement’s formulation. It stands out as a higher-quality gut health supplement compared to others we’ve analyzed on Illuminate Health.

Our Clean Gut Health Picks:

Bioma Our Clean Gut Health Picks
Source: healthinsider

Our top choice for a probiotic supplement is the Express 3-in-1 Probiotic by Bulletproof. Priced under $35 at the time of this article’s update, it incorporates prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics to promote optimal gut health.

For prebiotic supplementation, we recommend the Supergut Fiber Mix, a blend of fiber powders such as green banana powder, resistant starch, and resistant potato starch.

A medical review in the Advances in Nutrition journal revealed that the intake of resistant starch is linked to enhanced gut health, weight loss in overweight and obese individuals, and improved insulin resistance. If you’re looking for a premium probiotic option, consider VSL#3.

Backed by 25 clinical trials, a 2020 meta-study highlighted its beneficial effects on various health aspects, including obesity, diabetes, allergic diseases, nervous systemic diseases, ankylosing spondylitis (AS), bone diseases, and female reproductive systemic diseases.

All three recommended supplements in this section are entirely free of additive ingredients that we deem unhealthy.

Will Bioma Cause Side Effects?

Bioma has not undergone clinical trials, making it challenging to ascertain potential side effects. However, an analysis of its ingredients provides some insights.

Xylooligosaccharides, one of Bioma’s components, showed a tendency to induce nausea and vomiting at high doses in an animal study published in the Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology journal. It’s worth noting that the dose in Bioma is considerably lower and unlikely to cause such effects.

Probiotics, present in Bioma, may lead to minor digestive side effects like gas and bloating, especially in the initial stages of use.

However, the probiotic dose in Bioma is moderate, making these side effects unlikely for generally healthy adults. The Bioma website acknowledges that bloating could be a temporary side effect.

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Where to Buy Bioma for the Best Price:

Bioma is available for purchase both on the brand’s official website and on Amazon. As of the publication of this article, the pricing details are as follows:

  • Brand website: $57.59 
  • Amazon: $44.99 

Notably, Bioma is currently 22% more affordable when purchased on Amazon compared to the brand’s official website.

Real Customers Review Bioma:

Real Customers Review Bioma
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Amazon is considered a more reliable source for genuine customer feedback compared to a brand’s website. Bioma has garnered over 40 reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

A positive review by verified purchaser “Sandra Castillo” awards the product a 5/5 star rating and highlights an additional benefit: “I do not feel bloated as much. My digestion issues have been improved and no more hot flashes at all!”

On the flip side, a negative review by verified purchaser “DARCY CONOR” rates the product 1/5 stars and mentions experiencing adverse effects: “AWFUL CRAMPS at 2 pills (as suggested) and also at 1 pill. So sorry my sister spent on this as a gift. A total waste of money. Save yourself the pain.”

Pros and Cons of Bioma:

Here are our perspectives on the advantages and disadvantages of Bioma:


  • Effective formulation
  • Likely to support optimal gut health
  • Research-backed probiotic dose
  • Free of unhealthy additives
  • Contains both prebiotics and probiotics


  • Questionable marketing practices
  • Lack of apparent clinical testing
  • Difficulty in finding unsponsored customer reviews online
  • Potential underdosing of Xylooligosaccharides


1. Is Bioma truly personalized?

Bioma’s marketing implies personalization, but it appears to sell a single supplement with a uniform formulation.

2. Are the ingredients in Bioma research-backed?

While some components have research support, concerns arise about potential underdosing.

3. Does Bioma contain questionable additives?

No, the inactive ingredients are likely safe and non-toxic.

4. Are there side effects associated with Bioma?

Potential minor side effects include temporary bloating, and nausea or vomiting at high doses of one ingredient may not apply due to lower Bioma dosage.

5. Where can you purchase Bioma?

Bioma is available on both its official website and Amazon.

6. How does Bioma compare in price between the official website and Amazon?

At the time of the article, Bioma is 22% cheaper on Amazon.

7. What are customers saying about Bioma on Amazon?

Customer reviews on Amazon highlight improved digestion for some but mention adverse effects like cramps for others.

8. Does Bioma undergo clinical testing?

Clinical trials for Bioma are not apparent, raising questions about its efficacy.


Bioma suggests personalized nutrition but seems to sell a single supplement. Despite being well-formulated for optimal gut health, the marketing strategy appears potentially misleading.

No significant side effects are anticipated, and the supplement is considerably cheaper on Amazon than the brand’s website at the time of the article’s publication.

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