How Common Are Truck Accidents? 3 Things All Drivers Should Know

Truck collisions remain a real menace on our road networks, they usually result in big losses such as injuries, death and serious property damage.

The fact that commercial vehicles are huge and heavy by nature makes them dangerous to operate, and therefore, more dangerous when involved in collisions with passenger cars.

Hence, data makes it clear that drivers should have an accurate representation of the scale of the problem as well as the risks to ensure safety on the roads.

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Here are three essential things every driver should know about the commonality of truck accidents:

1. Frequency of Truck Accidents:

Surprisingly, a bigger number of trucks are involved in crashes than the public might think of, resulting in a high danger level road users face in the US. The risk in multi-vehicle collisions where large trucks are involved is even higher.

Contributing to the well-being of truck accidents is so complex one can observe them in their numerous forms. Vehicle tiredness, breakdowns, distracted driving, and under-the-influence driving are the most prevalent factors causing truck accidents. Huge efforts over the road often make drivers fatigued and hence, their ability and reaction times may be jeopardized.

In the same context, faults in truck elements like brakes, tires, and steering systems that may have been improperly maintained can make the vehicle accidents prone.

2. Contributing Factors to Truck Accidents:

There are several reasons why a truck crashes, such as driver’s action and a number of other mechanical problems which are a leading cause of most crashes.

Although fatigue among truck drivers is ubiquitous due to extended periods of time and grueling schedules, it is still advisable for drivers to refrain from driving entirely when they are feeling extremely exhausted.

In spite of the fact that the authorities enact regulations to reduce driving time or let the drivers have rest breaks, they themselves sometimes push past these safety limits, exposing themselves and others to great danger.

Mechanical malfunctions as a leading cause additionally contribute to the truck collisions in turn. A lack of the proper maintenance and inspection can yield many evils such as brake failures, tire blowouts, and other serious breakdowns at troublesome times which result in accidents increasing.

Distracted driving and impaired driving, which may include alcohol, drugs, or prescription drugs, not only put the life of inexperienced drivers at risk, but also they make the always complex task of driving trucks even more difficult.

3. Prevention and Safety Measures:

While the prevalence of truck accidents may seem daunting, there are steps that all drivers can take to mitigate risks and promote safer roadways:While the prevalence of truck accidents may seem daunting, there are steps that all drivers can take to mitigate risks and promote safer roadways:

Maintain Safe Following Distances:

In view of the braking distance that a truck requires which is longer than that of the ordinary passenger cars, the driver must wear this protection in mind to ensure that there is enough time to stop safely. Tailgating known as being too close to the truck behind or at least following them too closely increases the chance of being involved in a rear-end collision or failing to timely respond to an abrupt stop/emergency.

Exercise Caution in Blind Spots:

Large blind spots as known as “no-zones,” are the spots which cannot be easily seen by the truck driver. Hence, the truck goes into these small vehicles virtually.

These blind spots involve the sides as well as the back of the truck, and they can be different in size depending on the trucks which are different. Drivers need to be highly aware about obstructing the blind spots as they pass or merge near a truck.

Report Unsafe Driving Behaviors:

Should they see a commercial truck driver engaged in unsafe driving, they should lodge a report with the relevant agency. Of course, telling authorities that someone is driving dangerously and potentially causing accidents for other motorists, is a part of good road safety. Furthermore, the drivers should be observant and aggressive also in some cases by predicting potential dangers alongside driving in response to avoid accidents.

Eventually, at the end of this article, fatal crashes involving trucks represent alarmingly regular incidents on our roadways resulting in fatal casualties to drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Ensuring the severity and causative factors that helped to put too many commercial trucks on the roads so that the intensive truck accident reduction will be achieved through educating all the drivers on the frequency and contributing factors of truck accidents and the practical safety measures.

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