CityTime Login - A Comprehensive Guide In 2024!

Hello Readers! If you’re employed in New York City, utilize CityTime to track your work hours. Access the website to electronically log your hours, request overtime, and manage leave approvals. 

The NYC CityTime login website efficiently calculates task durations and maintains a detailed record. To enhance productivity, the City of New York employs the CityTime Web Clock, allowing users to monitor time, set alarms, and ensure accurate payment for employee hours. 

This blog provides a step-by-step guide on how to log in to NYC CityTime.

Citytime login NYC Portal access!

Accessing the CityTime Login NYC page may pose challenges, and CityTime DCD usage is currently restricted. Continue using the CityTime Web Clock for time logging until further notice. 

A warning issued on March 15, 2020, advises agencies to cease using the CityTime Data Collection Device (DCD) for tracking time punches and lunch times. Following the guidelines in the article ensures a seamless login experience to CityTime.

NYC Citytime Requirements for Login!

NYC Citytime Requirements for Login!
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To sign in to your CityTime NYC account, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official CityTime login URL.
  • Ensure internet access on a laptop, desktop, or smartphone.
  • Use valid login details for CityTime Webclock.
  • Access the New York City Employee Login Page from anywhere with internet.
  • Visit the CityTime NYC official login page by clicking the provided link.
  • Enter your username and password, then click Sign In.
  • Receive a “Congratulations!” message upon successful login.
  • Troubleshoot any issues by referring to our troubleshooting guide.
  • For NYC website time control, register at A826-Ra.Dep.Nyc.Gov Prod.Citytime.Nycnet or prod.citytime.nycnet.

Benefits of the NYC Login Portal!

The NYC website offers various services, including leave balance tracking, time-off requests, and staff schedule viewing. CityTime allows you to monitor and manage your leave balances and requests. 

CityShare, the employee site for New York City, contains valuable information but is only accessible within the City’s network. Ministry of Education users can access an internal portal via the DoE Payroll Portal.

Troubleshooting for the failure of NYC Citytime Login!

Troubleshooting for the failure of NYC Citytime Login!
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If encountering difficulties, refer to the login instructions. Go to for the CityTime webpage. Enter your Skype ID, phone number, or email address. Click “Continue” to complete the login process successfully.

How to reset the password on the NYC portal!

Forget your CityTime Login password? No worries! Follow these steps for a quick reset:

  • Visit, the CityTime Login Page.
  • Click on “Can’t access your account?”
  • Choose the applicable account.
  • Complete the full password reset.

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What advantages does utilizing NYC CityTime WebClock offer?

NYC CityTime WebClock provides Easy Clock In and Clock Out features, accessible from any internet-connected desktop. 

Key features include effortless report generation, automated TimeCard submission, real-time updates with each time punch, and managers’ easy tracking of employee work hours and overtime costs.

Access CityTime at!

Employees can manage various activities using the NYC interface, including checking schedules, requesting leaves, and viewing remaining balances. 

Access to the city-share employee site is exclusive to subscribers of the Citytime NYC network and is not available from home. Ministry workers can utilize the DOE Salary Portal as an alternative portal, but not all staff can access Estub.

How to install the NYC Citytime login App!

How to install the NYC Citytime login App!
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Logging into the NYC CityTime app involves a few straightforward steps:

  • Install the app from Google Play.
  • Tap the “login” button to launch the app.
  • Enter your login information.
  • Tap “login” again.

You can now access the app after successfully logging in.

How Do You Submit A Timesheet For City Time?

To record your usage on NYC CityTime WebClock login, follow these steps:

  • Click the Calendar icon to choose the date.
  • Select “Add Punch” as the modification type.
  • Choose the punch type: “In,” “Out,” “Meal Start,” or “Meal End.”
  • Enter the punch time.
  • Pick the appropriate justification.
  • Complete the comments form.
  • Click “Submit.”

You have successfully completed the process. 

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1. What is NYC CityTime?

NYC CityTime is a timekeeping system used by New York City employees to track work hours and manage various tasks electronically.

2. How do I access CityTime Login?

Visit the official CityTime login URL, ensure internet access, use valid login details for CityTime Webclock, and follow the steps provided.

3. What benefits does CityTime WebClock offer?

CityTime WebClock provides features like Easy Clock In/Out, automated TimeCard submission, real-time updates, and easy tracking of employee work hours.

4. Can I access CityTime from home?

CityShare, the employee site, is only accessible within the City’s network. Ministry workers can use the DOE Salary Portal as an alternative.

5. How to reset the NYC CityTime password?

Visit, click “Can’t access your account?” on the login page, choose the applicable account, and complete the full password reset.

6. What services are available on the NYC website?

The NYC website offers leave balance tracking, time-off requests, and staff schedule viewing. CityTime allows users to monitor and manage leave balances and requests.

7. How do I submit a timesheet on CityTime WebClock?

Click the Calendar icon, choose the date, select “Add Punch,” choose the punch type, enter the punch time, provide justification, complete the comments form, and click “Submit.”

8. Can I use the NYC CityTime app?

You can install the NYC CityTime app from Google Play, enter your login information, and access it for Easy Clock In/Out.


CityTime Login is your gateway to efficient time management for NYC employees, offering features like Easy Clock In/Out and streamlined task tracking. Follow the provided steps for a seamless experience and leverage the benefits of this essential tool.


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