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Adrienne Calhoun was previously married to the renowned former professional boxer and grill salesman George Foreman, but what significant role did she truly play in his remarkable life journey? Today, we’ll delve into this inquiry.

George Edward Foreman initially gained prominence with his Olympic gold win in boxing in 1968, followed by heavyweight championship victories in the 1970s. 

Despite retiring, he astounded the world with a comeback in his 40s, reclaiming his world title and earning the distinction of being the oldest ever heavyweight champion.

Amidst this remarkable career trajectory spanned over a decade, Adrienne Calhoun stood as his devoted wife. Let’s explore essential insights about this relatively unknown celebrity ex-spouse.

Early Life and Upbringing:

Adrienne Calhoun’s upbringing in New Jersey was marked by the challenges of urban life and the absence of a father figure. Raised by her single mother alongside her four sisters, Adrienne learned the value of resilience and perseverance from an early age. 

Despite the financial struggles her family faced, Adrienne remained focused on her education, recognizing it as a pathway to a better future. Her time at West Orange High School was characterized by academic excellence and a strong sense of determination, paving the way for her future endeavors.

Relationship and Marriage to George Foreman:

Relationship and Marriage to George Foreman:
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Adrienne’s introduction to George Foreman occurred at a pivotal moment in both of their lives. George, already a celebrated boxer, had recently suffered a defeat that shook the boxing world. 

It was during this time that Adrienne crossed paths with George at a boxing match, sparking a connection that would change the course of their lives. Despite initial obstacles, including George’s demanding career and the pressures of fame, their relationship blossomed into a deep and enduring love. 

Their wedding on January 21, 1985, was a testament to their commitment to each other, surrounded by loved ones as they embarked on their journey together. Over the years, they welcomed a large family of five sons and three daughters, creating a bustling household filled with love and laughter.

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Adrienne’s Role During George’s Boxing Comeback:

George Foreman’s decision to return to professional boxing after a decade of retirement was met with both excitement and apprehension. Adrienne stood by his side throughout this journey, offering unwavering support and encouragement. 

As George trained tirelessly for his comeback, Adrienne took on the responsibility of managing their household and raising their children. Her role as the anchor of their family provided George with the stability and reassurance he needed to pursue his dreams. 

Adrienne’s presence at his matches, offering moral support and cheering him on from the sidelines, was a testament to her unwavering dedication to her husband’s success.

Quiet Divorce and Settlement:

After over 16 years of marriage, Adrienne and George Foreman’s relationship reached a crossroads, leading to a quiet and amicable divorce in 2002. While the specifics of their separation remained private, it was clear that both parties prioritized the well-being of their children above all else. 

The settlement ensured that Adrienne received primary physical custody of their eight children, providing them with a sense of stability and continuity during a time of transition. Despite the end of their marriage, Adrienne and George maintained a mutual respect for each other, recognizing the importance of co-parenting their children with love and compassion.

Life After George Foreman:

Life After George Foreman:
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Following her divorce from George Foreman, Adrienne embarked on a new chapter of her life as a single mother raising eight children. Despite the challenges of navigating life post-divorce, Adrienne remained steadfast in her commitment to her family. 

She focused on providing her children with a nurturing and supportive environment, instilling in them the same values of resilience and determination that had guided her own journey. While Adrienne’s life may have shifted away from the public eye, her influence on her children’s lives and her enduring impact on George Foreman’s legacy remain undeniable.

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1. Where was Adrienne Calhoun born?

Adrienne Calhoun was born in New Jersey, USA.

2. How many siblings does Adrienne have?

Adrienne Calhoun has four sisters, making her the oldest among them.

3. When did Adrienne graduate from high school?

Adrienne graduated with honors from West Orange High School in 1971.

4. When did Adrienne marry George Foreman?

Adrienne Calhoun and George Foreman tied the knot on January 21, 1985.

5. How many children do Adrienne and George have together?

Adrienne and George Foreman have a total of five sons and three daughters.

6. What role did Adrienne play during George Foreman’s boxing comeback?

Adrienne provided unwavering support to George during his boxing comeback, managing their household and raising their children.

7. When did Adrienne and George Foreman divorce?

Adrienne and George Foreman divorced in 2002 after over 16 years of marriage.

8. What was the outcome of the divorce settlement?

Adrienne received primary physical custody of their eight children, ensuring stability for them during the transition.

9. How did Adrienne adapt to life after her divorce from George Foreman?

Adrienne focused on providing a nurturing environment for her children as a single mother.

10. What values did Adrienne instill in her children?

Adrienne instilled values of resilience and determination in her children, guiding them through life’s challenges.

11. Did Adrienne remain out of the public eye after her divorce?

Yes, Adrienne largely remained out of the public eye, prioritizing her family life.

12. What legacy does Adrienne leave behind?

Adrienne’s influence on George Foreman’s career and her impact on her children’s lives continue to be felt, reflecting her enduring dedication and strength.


In conclusion, Adrienne Calhoun’s role in George Foreman’s life was defined by her unwavering love, support, and resilience. From her humble beginnings in New Jersey to her years as George’s devoted partner and mother of their children, Adrienne’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and determination in the face of adversity. While her contributions may have faded from public memory, Adrienne’s influence on George Foreman’s legendary boxing career and her enduring impact on her children’s lives will continue to be felt for generations to come. Through her strength and compassion, Adrienne exemplifies the essence of love and devotion, leaving an indelible mark on the world around her.

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