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Kickass Torrents stands out as a leading BitTorrent site, renowned for its dominance in the torrenting industry. With its user-friendly interface, simplicity, and an extensive library of torrent files, Kickass Torrents surpasses many peer-to-peer torrent engines and file-sharing platforms. 

Despite its stable operation over the years, the site faced a setback in 2016 when it was banned due to copyright infringement issues. However, to cater to user demands, various alternatives known as Kickass proxies emerged, providing users with continued access to similar content in the torrenting realm. 

These Kickass proxy sites are still active, ensuring users can easily download content akin to what Kickass Torrents offered.

What is Kickass Proxy?

What is Kickass Proxy
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Kickass Torrents, a renowned platform offering a vast directory of magnetic links and diverse content, has been a popular choice for users seeking specific downloads. Unfortunately, the site disappeared in 2016, leaving customers without access to its extensive torrents. 

Luckily, the introduction of Kickass proxy sites has provided a solution, unblocking the original Kickass content. With these proxy sites, users can effortlessly bypass restrictions imposed by their internet service providers, ensuring easy access to Kickass Torrents’ content.

Working Original Kickass Proxy/Mirror Sites 2024:

The Kickass proxy site houses all the contents from the original Kickass Torrent website, offering unblocked access to a wide range of content such as games, movies, videos, software, books, anime, and other torrent files. 

While numerous mirror sites for Kickass Torrent have been launched, not all of them are operational. In this list, we will highlight the best Kickass mirror sites that function at an optimal level, ensuring reliable access to Kickass Torrent proxy content for users.

Kickass Proxy Sites List Feb. 2024 (Updated Working Sites):

Proxy URLCountrySpeedStatus StatesTruly FastOnline KingdomTruly FastOnline
https://kickasstorrents.crUnited StatesTruly FastOnline KingdomTruly FastOnline KingdomTruly FastOnline KingdomVery FastOnline – NewUnited StatesVery FastOnline – NewUnited StatesVery FastOnline StatesVery FastOnline KingdomVery FastOnline FastOnline FastOnline ZealandFastOnline StatesFastOnline ZealandFastOnline StatesFastOnline
Kickass Proxy 17United StatesFastOnline
Kickass Proxy 18IndiaFastOnline
Kickass Proxy UK 19United KingdomFastOnline
Kickass Proxy 20United StatesFastOnline
Kat Proxy 21United StatesFastOnline
Kat Proxy 22IndiaFastOnline
Kat Proxy UK 23United KingdomFastOnline
Kat Proxy UK 24United KingdomAverageOnline – NewUnited KingdomAverageOnline – NewUnited StatesAverageOnline – NewUnited KingdomAverageOnline StatesAverageOnline StatesSlowOnline StatesSlowOnline KingdomSlowOffline StatesSlowOffline StatesSlowOffline StatesSlowOffline StatesSlowOffline StatesToo SlowOffline StatesToo SlowOffline StatesToo SlowOffline StatesToo SlowOffline StatesToo SlowOffline KingdomToo SlowOffline

Advantages of Kickass Proxy Site:

The Kickass proxy site offers several advantages, and here are the details:

  • Secure Entertainment Exploration: Kickass proxy enables users to securely explore entertainment content while safeguarding their data from potential hackers.
  • Server Balance for Stability: The proxy site ensures a proper balance of servers, preventing website crashes and maintaining stability.
  • Enhanced Internet Speed: Enjoy faster internet speed on the Kickass proxy, facilitating quick downloads of torrent files.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Kickass proxy boasts a simple and user-friendly interface, making navigation easy and convenient for users.
  • Organized Content: All contents on the Kickass proxy are meticulously grouped, eliminating any inconvenience during the search for specific torrent files.
  • Magnet Links and Peer-to-Peer Sharing: Kickass proxy stands out as a top site for providing magnet links and supporting peer-to-peer file sharing.
  • Versatile Content Download: Users can download a wide variety of content on the Kickass proxy site, catering to diverse preferences.
  • Anonymous Connection: The kickass proxy establishes a secure connection between you and the server without revealing your location to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

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Reason for Using Kickass Proxy and Mirror Site:

Kickass Torrents is renowned for delivering thrilling and up-to-date content to its user base, boasting a large fan following. However, the website faced a ban due to copyright infringement concerns, preventing users from accessing content on the original Kickass torrent site. 

The proxy and mirror sites of Kickass offer comparable content, including unblocked materials that users can freely download. These proxy sites ensure a reliable internet connection while concealing your current location. Therefore, to access and download content from Kickass, utilizing the proxy or mirror sites is recommended.

How Does Kickass Proxy Work?

How Does Kickass Proxy Work
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The Kat proxy ensures a reliable connection between you and the target server. The internet request from your browser is directed through the kickass proxy server before reaching the mirror site. 

This process aids in unblocking the original content of the kickass torrent site while adding an extra layer of security. Additionally, with kickass unblocked, you can navigate kickass contents safely and securely, avoiding tracking by your internet service provider.

Best Alternatives of Kickass Torrents (2024 Self-Tested):

While various kickasstorrent unblock proxy sites are available for accessing the original contents of Kickass torrent, some websites offer content similar to the Kickass torrent site. 

Let’s explore alternatives to Kickass torrent that can provide you with comparable content.

1. The Pirate Bay:

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Similar to the Kickass torrent site, Pirate Bay emerges as one of the premier alternatives. It stands out as an excellent torrent search engine, facilitating users in discovering their desired content. Beyond the functions of searching and downloading, The Pirate Bay enables users to contribute magnet links and engage in peer-to-peer file sharing. 

With a sleek and user-friendly interface, the Pirate Bay website is a top choice for downloading a variety of content, including movies, games, videos, software, applications, and more. Feel free to navigate through the website and download your favorite content from The Pirate Bay.


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Another platform well-suited for sharing torrent links and magnet files, serving as a high-quality alternative to sites like Kickass, is the RARBG torrent site. Similar to Kickass, RARBG provides users with a diverse array of torrent files and facilitates file sharing through the BitTorrent protocol. 

RARBG’s straightforward and user-friendly interface enhances the browsing experience, allowing customers to navigate various aspects of the website with ease and download content seamlessly. Additionally, RARBG is renowned for offering verified torrents to users. Notably, the website stands out by allowing users to download 4K videos directly from the RARBG torrent site.

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3. 1337x”

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Arguably the best on the list, 1337x stands out as a high-quality alternative to sites like Kickass. It boasts a comprehensive directory of magnet links and torrent files available for users to download. Utilizing the BitTorrent protocol, the 1337x torrent site facilitates efficient file sharing and content distribution to its users. 

For those seeking a free and reliable alternative to Kickass, the 1337x torrent website is a top choice. Furthermore, the site’s clean and user-friendly interface simplifies navigation, providing customers with an intuitive experience. If you’re in search of an alternative to sites like Kickass torrent, 1337x is well-suited to meet your requirements.

4. YTS:

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Well, the YTS torrent website, while less popular, is a well-known platform recognized for providing movies to its users. As one of the notable alternatives to Kickass, YTS primarily focuses on delivering a vast collection of films. It’s important to note that you won’t find other types of content, such as software or games, on the YTS torrent site. 

YTS boasts a visually pleasing and well-developed interface, making it easy for users to navigate and locate the content they desire. Additionally, the platform allows users to choose the quality of the movie before initiating the torrent download to their devices. Therefore, if your quest is for the best Kickass alternatives tailored for movie downloads, YTS emerges as an excellent choice. The one-click download option further streamlines the process for a faster and more straightforward experience.

5. Limetorrents:

Source: techworm

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Although relatively new in the industry, LimeTorrent proves to be an excellent and fantastic alternative to Kickass, providing a diverse range of content for users to explore. In addition to downloading, LimeTorrents also supports the sharing of torrent files on its platform. 

The website categorizes its content into different segments, facilitating users in locating and downloading their desired torrent files. LimeTorrents further enhances user convenience by offering a one-click download option, streamlining the process. If you’re in search of a Kickass alternative, LimeTorrents stands out as a compelling choice.

6. ExtraTorrents”

ExtraTorrent, much like other websites, stands as one of the best free alternatives to Kickass, offering a variety of content to suit your preferences. From movies and TV shows to software and books, you can discover a wide range of materials on the ExtraTorrents torrenting website. 

The platform boasts a simple, clean, and user-friendly interface, enabling customers to navigate through its various sections with ease. A notable feature of ExtraTorrents is its vibrant community, where active members engage in helping one another.

History of Kickass Torrents:

Since its inception, Kickass Torrents has enjoyed successful operations. However, faced with multiple complications over time, the site encountered issues, leading to the necessity of changing its domain name on several occasions. Between 2013 and 2015, the site underwent domain shifts across different countries, adopting separate names. 

Nevertheless, in 2016, the original KickassTorrents site was revived, and since then, users have been unable to access the original site. Despite this, numerous proxies and mirror sites have been introduced, ensuring the continued existence of Kickass Torrent. To this day, users can access these proxies and mirrors to download content from the Kickass Torrent site.

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Why is Kickass Torrent Banned?

In 2016, the Kickass Torrent website and its owner faced charges following a complaint filed in the US District Court of Chicago. The charges included allegations of committing money laundering and criminal copyright infringement. 

Subsequent to a thorough investigation, these accusations were substantiated. Consequently, the site has been banned in various regions worldwide, leading to the suspension of its operations on the website.

How to Access Kickass Torrent When it Can’t be Accessed?

It’s true that users encounter challenges in accessing the Kickass Torrent website. However, there are several ways that can assist you in visiting the Kickass Torrents site easily and without much hassle. Some of them are as follows:

1. VPN:

By using a VPN, you can establish a private network overlaying your public network, concealing your current location and IP address. Connecting to a free virtual private network allows you to access and explore content on the Kickass Torrent website. 

This approach enables you to browse Kickass Torrent without your internet service provider being aware of your location and online activities.

2. Mirror or Proxy:

Mirror or Proxy
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Mirror or proxy sites offer an excellent alternative for users to access the Kickass Torrent website. Using these mirrors or proxies, you can explore the original contents of Kickass without revealing your identity. 

These mirror or proxy sites create a secure connection between you and the Kickass server, allowing for easy downloading of content from Kickass without any complications.

3. Tor Browser:

The Tor browser is a freely accessible tool enabling anonymous communication for users. It directs internet traffic from one node to another, effectively concealing the user’s current location. 

With the Tor browser, users can access unknown locations without detection by their internet service provider. If you encounter difficulties accessing but wish to download content from Kickass, utilizing the Tor browser can facilitate secure and anonymous access.

4. Access by Disabling the Firewall and Internet Protection:

Enabling Kickass Torrent to bypass the firewall and internet protection allows you to access the original content of Kickass with ease. This method removes internet protection, compromising security and privacy for the website you are visiting. 

However, it’s important to note that this approach carries some risk, as your computer or device may be vulnerable to viruses. Despite the potential risks, this method offers an alternative way to access Kickasstorrent if the regular site is inaccessible.

5. More Kickass Torrents Alternatives Proxy List:

1. Torlock Proxy

2. EZTV Proxy

3. Torrentz2 Proxy

4. TamilRockers Proxy

5. Tamilmv Proxy

6. H33T Proxy

7. Idope Proxy

8. Nyaa Torrents Proxy

9. Youtube Proxy

10. Torrent9 Proxy

11. Zooqle Proxy

12. 13377x Proxy

13. Demonoid Proxy

14. Isohunt Proxy

15. Torrentgalaxy Proxy

16. Magnetdl Proxy

17. Skytorrents Proxy

18. 1377x Proxy

19. 123movies Proxy

20. Torrentdownloads Proxy


1. Why are some users unable to access Kickass torrent?

There could be multiple reasons why a user might face difficulty accessing content on Kickass torrent. The user may reside in a region where the website is banned, or they might have a poor internet connection leading to the issue. To resolve the problem, it is advisable to check the internet connection or connect to a VPN to bypass location restrictions and access the Kickass torrent site.

2. What is Kickass Torrents 2023?

Kickasstorrent, also known as KAT, was a torrent download site. This website facilitated users in downloading movies, copyrighted software, and other content for free.

Below are some of the kickass proxy sites allowing users to access the torrent library for Kickass Torrents.


3. Why is a Kickass proxy site essential?

A Kickass proxy site is essential because it provides access to the unblocked contents of Kickass torrent. On the proxy site, users can find all the original contents of the Kickass torrent, and their internet service provider will remain unaware of their activities on the Kickass torrent. Therefore, users’ locations will be completely hidden on the proxy sites.

4. How can I use a VPN to access Kickass proxy?

Users can connect their devices to a virtual private network (VPN). The VPN will help change their IP address, making their internet service provider unaware of the site they are accessing. The VPN can bypass geographic restrictions, allowing users to access the contents of the Kickass proxy site.

5. Is the Kickass torrent site still available?

The main torrent site of Kickass has not been available since 2016 due to the website being banned. However, there are proxy and mirror sites that continue to provide unblocked content from the Kickass torrent website. Users can easily access them to download their favorite content.

6. What is the new site of Kickass?

The new Kickass torrent site is, where users can find the same original and updated contents of the Kickass torrent website easily. The new site is also known for providing the same types of torrents like games, movies, videos, software, music, applications, and many more.

7. Is the Kickass torrent site illegal?

Yes, the Kickass torrent site is illegal for violating copyright rules and regulations. Kickass torrent was banned in 2016. However, some proxy sites provide unblocked content from Kickass for free.

8. Is Kickass torrent safe?

It is challenging to verify the safety and legitimacy of the files being shared on Kickass Torrents and any other P2P site. When users share or download content that is protected by intellectual property rights, they put themselves at risk of infection from dangerous software, and they may face legal consequences if they are found.

9. What are some good alternatives to Kickass Torrents?

Users have found some excellent alternatives to Kickass Torrents, including:

  • The Pirate Bay
  • Torlock
  • 1337x
  • Torrentz2
  • iDope
  • YTS, etc.

10. How can I download torrents from Kickass for free?

The process of downloading torrents on Kickass is straightforward. Follow these steps to download files for free:

  • Download a torrent protocol like uTorrent or BitTorrent.
  • Locate the torrent file on Kickass torrent that you want to download on your device.
  • Open the torrent file using the BitTorrent protocol.
  • You will be provided with multiple options. Select the link from which you want to download.
  • Allow the download to be completed and have the file on your device.


Kickass Torrents, once a leading BitTorrent site, faced a setback in 2016 due to copyright infringement issues, leading to its ban. However, Kickass proxies and mirror sites emerged, providing users continued access to its diverse content. Utilizing these alternatives, users can securely and anonymously explore a wide range of torrent files, overcoming geographical restrictions and safeguarding their online activities.

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