Kenny Veach Found - The Truth Exposed!

We’re genuinely excited about this review. Wondering why? We’ve delved into numerous unique tools and software over the past year, but this is the only one consistently receiving negative feedback.

We’ll explore how it works, its purpose, its legality, and why people comment about it. All these questions will be answered today, including why there’s much criticism.

Before sharing our thoughts, we always believe in trying the service ourselves. And we’ve done just that with Promosm this time.

Get ready to discover everything about this commenting trend!

What Does PromoSM Mean? What Does It Do?

Let’s break down PromoSM into its two components.

Promo represents a promotion, and SM stands for social media.

It’s a shorthand way of saying “Social media promotion,” giving you a glimpse into the site’s purpose.

PromoSM facilitates marketing for multiple social media profiles simultaneously and efficiently. Broadly, the platform offers various social media promotional services, claiming to assist businesses and creators in their growth.

Their range of services spans from YouTube views to Instagram followers and TikTok comments.

PromoSM falls under the category of SMM panel websites, and we’ve even provided a guide on starting an SMM panel business in one of our articles.

What Is PromoSM?

What Is PromoSM
Source: youtube

So, what exactly is PromoSM? In a nutshell, it’s an SMM Panel.Here, you can promote your social media, but with a catch – it comes at a cost.

Beyond being a standard social media marketing website, PromoSM employs aggressive promotional methods, and we’ll delve into the reasons behind it shortly.

Now, let’s take a moment to explore what their website offers and share our experience and opinions about it.

How Good Is PromoSM? Is It A Scam?

There are numerous SMM panels available, and while PromoSM claims to be the finest, we beg to differ based on our experience testing various options.

PromoSM offers a wide array of services covering popular networks like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, allowing users to purchase likes, comments, followers, and more. However, there are notable issues with their service.

Firstly, although some might consider it affordable, their pricing is relatively expensive compared to other SMM panels.

Additionally, our testing revealed that PromoSM provides lower-quality services, primarily due to using bot accounts to boost metrics like follower count and likes artificially.

While this may offer a quick increase in numbers, it can also result in a decline in reach and growth, especially for YouTube or Instagram.

Despite offering around 9 YouTube services, 8 Instagram services, and 5 Facebook services, the overall value-for-money perspective still needs to be investigated.

On the positive side, PromoSM provides good customer service, making customers feel important and offering support every day of the week.

However, our test revealed instances where PromoSM failed to deliver on orders, citing technical issues as the cause. While most orders were eventually refunded, frequent technical problems could be better for a panel.

If you’re considering a service to promote your social media or YouTube channel, we recommend exploring better alternatives.

TheYTLab, for instance, stands out for using organic services only, ensuring a positive experience without negatively impacting your social media pages.

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How To Use A Service From PromoSM?

How To Use A Service From PromoSM
Source: youtube

For some users, Promosm may still serve as a viable solution, especially for those familiar with SMM panels, the presence of bot accounts, or those with a substantial budget to allocate. Here’s a breakdown of how Promosm operates and how to place an order:

Step 1 – Top-up your PromoSM account.

Step 2 – Choose the service you wish to avail!

Step 3 – Input the correct link and specify the desired quantity. However, ensure that you meet the specified requirements for each service.

Step 4 – Double-check the link to ensure it meets all criteria.

Step 5 – Place and track the order’s progress in the Order History.

If you encounter any issues, raise a ticket and wait for a response from their support team.

1. Pricing Plan:

Let’s explore the services and corresponding pricing ranges offered by PromoSM:

YouTube Services:

  • YouTube Views
  • Watch Time
  • Likes
  • Comments

Instagram Services:

  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Live Video Viewers

Facebook Services:

  • Poll Votes
  • Friend Requests
  • Comments
  • Page Likes

PromoSM also provides various other services for social media networks like Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

2. What People Say:

Given the absence of reviews on reputable platforms such as Trustpilot or Capterra, we conducted extensive research beyond our usual sources. We gathered user feedback from Google, YouTube, Quora, and Reddit. 

Explore the screenshots below for firsthand accounts of the user experience with Promosm.

Pros & Cons of Kenny Veach Found!

Competitive PricingNumerous negative reviews
A diverse range of servicesNo refunds post-payment
Prompt customer supportFrequent order cancellations
User-friendly navigationPrice/quality ratio inferior to comparable sites
The presence of potentially harmful bots

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1. Is PromoSM a reliable SMM Panel?

Our experience suggests concerns with PromoSM’s reliability, including higher pricing, service quality issues, and the use of bot accounts.

2. How do I use a service from PromoSM?

Top up your PromoSM account, choose a service, input the correct link and quantity, ensure compliance with service requirements, place the order, and track progress.

3. What social media platforms does PromoSM cover?

PromoSM offers services for various platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

4. Are there any issues with PromoSM’s pricing?

Yes, PromoSM’s pricing is relatively higher than other SMM Panels, raising concerns about the value for money.

5. Is PromoSM considered a scam?

While PromoSM is not outright considered a scam, our testing revealed issues with pricing, service quality, and the use of potentially harmful bot accounts.

6. Can I claim a refund if my order fails on PromoSM?

Refunds may be possible in case of order failures, but it’s essential to comply with service requirements to be eligible.

7. What are the common criticisms of PromoSM?

Common criticisms include numerous negative reviews, frequent order cancellations, and concerns about the price/quality ratio being inferior to comparable sites.

8. How can I contact PromoSM’s customer support?

You can raise a ticket if you encounter any issues and wait for a response from PromoSM’s customer support, which operates every day of the week.


At PromoSM, while our experience wasn’t significantly worse than some users’, higher pricing and service issues compared to similar sites were evident. Notable concerns include using web-wide comment spamming and automatic bots in their promotional technique. 


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