How Long Does Goat Take To Ship - A Complete Guide In 2024!

While the delivery timeframe for GOAT orders typically spans seven to 10 days for shipments within the US, international deliveries may take an additional week or so to reach customers. 

Nevertheless, GOAT, a renowned online retailer specializing in fashion and sports goods, offers alternative delivery options, including expedited shipping and faster local delivery. 

If you’re curious about the duration of GOAT orders and factors influencing their delivery schedule, this article will provide a comprehensive explanation. 

Let’s dive in.

How Long Does GOAT Take To Ship?

Get a quick glimpse of GOAT’s diverse delivery timeframes for different shipping methods:

Shipping MethodAverage Shipping Time
Standard Items7 to 10 days
Instant Items3 to 5 days
Instant Items with Next-Day Shipping1 day (orders before 11 a.m. PT), 2 days (orders after 11 a.m. PT)
Order Upgrade (Priority)1 to 3 days
Apparel and Accessory Items7 to 10 days
International Orders10 to 24 days

Please note that these estimates exclude international shipping and delivery to PO boxes and military bases. For a detailed breakdown, continue reading to delve into the specifics of GOAT’s shipping times.

How Long Is GOAT Standard Shipping?

The standard shipping provided by the online retailer typically takes an average of seven to 10 business days for buyers in the contiguous United States. 

It’s important to note that in certain circumstances, GOAT shipping time may extend to up to a month. Items utilizing standard shipping will be associated with the Under Retail option.

How Fast Does GOAT Ship with Order Upgrade?

How Fast Does GOAT Ship with Order Upgrade
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Certain items on the website qualify for an Order Upgrade (Priority), ensuring priority processing once GOAT receives your shoes at one of their facilities.

Curious about GOAT’s shipping duration post-authentication?

Opting for Order Upgrade prioritizes processing and grants you next-day shipping once the order is in GOAT’s possession.

How Long Does GOAT Take To Ship with Instant Ship?

For swift delivery, seek out items bearing an “Instant Delivery” or “Shipping Immediately” label. These items typically reach your doorstep within three to five days.

The “Instant Item” label indicates that the item is pre-verified and authenticated, and these items are dispatched directly to you from the platform’s facilities.

How Long Does GOAT Take To Deliver Shoes Internationally?

Shipping internationally typically spans from 10 days to three weeks. The duration varies notably due to distinct customs clearance processes in each country, impacting the overall shipping time.

Additionally, international orders are subject to government restrictions. For an estimate of your order’s arrival time, it’s advisable to consult with GOAT or familiarize yourself with your country’s laws and regulations.

Does GOAT Ship on Weekends?

Does GOAT Ship on Weekends
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Upon receiving an order, sellers are allotted three business days for shipping, excluding holidays and weekends. Although order processing on weekends is feasible, GOAT does not mandate sellers to do so.

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How Does the GOAT Shipping Process Work?

The shipping process for most GOAT products involves several stages:

  • Sellers Ship Orders to GOAT: When you make a purchase from a seller, they have up to three business days from the close of the transaction to send the product to GOAT for authentication and verification.
  • GOAT Verifies the Product: Upon reaching GOAT, the product undergoes scrutiny by a team of experts to ensure its authenticity and condition. While this additional step distinguishes the platform, it also translates to a longer delivery time compared to having sellers ship products directly to you.
  • GOAT Ships Your Order to You: Following the inspection and verification process, GOAT proceeds to ship the products to your designated address.

1. Shipping Policies You Need To Know

After placing an order, altering the shipping address is not feasible. Nonetheless, you have the option to cancel your order within three hours of placement or before the seller confirms it, whichever occurs first.

Once GOAT dispatches the package to the carrier, as a buyer, you bear the risk of loss. In the case of shipment loss, GOAT may choose to replace products and credit your account at its discretion.

Buyers are responsible for covering sales tax, VAT, import duties, and related charges based on the shipping address, not the billing address. Ensure your billing information on the GOAT app or website aligns with the details on file with the issuing bank.

2. How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Shipping MethodPrice
US Domestic Shipping in 48 Contiguous States$14.50
US Domestic Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska$25
Instant Items with Next-Day Shipping$27, plus a processing fee of up to 8% of its purchase cost
Order Upgrade (Priority)$12 (additional) plus tax

In addition to the shipping cost, there could be extra fees for multiple items or bulky products.

3. Track Your GOAT Package.

GOAT provides a tracking tool for monitoring your package using either your tracking number or sales order number.

To utilize this tool, access your GOAT account and enter your order number or tracking number, along with your email, to access information on all your packages.

How Fast Is GOAT Shipping? 6 Factors Affecting the GOAT Delivery Time!

How Fast Is GOAT Shipping
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Please be aware that shipping times are not guaranteed and are only approximate estimates. Delays may occur due to various factors, including the following.

1. Location:

Orders originating from the US and being shipped to non-US addresses may require several weeks or even a month to reach their destination.

2. Verification Length:

Retailers selling Standard Items are required to dispatch them to one of GOAT’s facilities for authentication and verification. This process may extend over a few days, potentially causing delays to your order.

3. Shipping Method:

Expedited shipping options, next-day delivery, same-day delivery, and express shipping offer faster alternatives compared to standard delivery methods.

4. Local Customs Laws

Labeling problems, misclassification, errors, and stringent customs clearance processes can result in delays in the shipment.

5. Weather Conditions

Unfavorable weather conditions can lead to disruptions in the shipment route and unpredictable delivery times.

6. Weekend or Holiday

During peak seasons in the US or abroad, your package may experience a slight extension in delivery time.

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1. How Long Does GOAT Take To Ship Shoes?

It typically takes between three and 10 business days to ship and deliver shoes within the contiguous US states.

2. Does GOAT Ship Internationally?

Yes, but international orders may take up to three weeks to arrive.

3. How Many Days Does GOAT Take To Ship From the Seller?

Sellers have approximately three business days to ship a confirmed order to GOAT.

4. What Happens If a Seller Fails To Ship?

In such cases, the ecommerce platform will cancel the order and provide information on the reason for cancellation.

5. How Long Does GOAT Take To Verify and Ship?

GOAT’s shipping process involves a verification step, which may take a few days. Once the platform authenticates the shoes, additional days may be required to ship the item to your address.

6. Does GOAT Sell Fake Products?

No. GOAT takes several steps to verify the product’s authenticity before shipping your order.

7. Where Does GOAT Ship From?

While being an American online platform, GOAT has facilities and retailers from various countries.

8. Can I Change My Shipping Address After Ordering?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your shipping address after placing an order.

9. Can I Cancel My Order on GOAT?

Yes, cancellations are possible, but only before the seller confirms the sale. Once the seller confirms, you can no longer cancel your order.

10. How Do I Return an Item?

Use the GOAT app to click “Request Return” within three days of receiving your package. Upon successful processing of the return, GOAT credits the refund to your account.

11. Is GOAT Legit?

Yes, the ecommerce platform follows a rigorous authentication process, ensuring all items on the product list, including apparel and accessories, are genuine.

12. How Can I Sell on GOAT?

To sell on GOAT, download the apps, complete and submit the Request to Sell form. Once approved, list your items for sale.

13. Does GOAT Offer Free Shipping?

No, GOAT does not offer free shipping. Refer to the provided table for shipping costs.


In general, your GOAT order will reach your doorstep within an average timeframe of seven to 10 days. Nevertheless, you have the option to expedite the shipping process by selecting expedited shipping, opting for Instant Items, and ensuring that all your details, such as the recipient’s address, are accurate.


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