Eddie Kurland - The Overlooked Hero of The Godfather!

In the vast realm of Hollywood history, specific individuals may not immediately spring to mind, yet their contributions to the cinematic legacy remain indisputable. 

Edward Kurland is integral in creating the masterpiece “The Godfather.” While not a household name, his pivotal role is etched in the annals of film history.

Join us on a journey to unravel the life and enduring impact of Edward Kurland, acknowledging his essential contributions to this timeless cinematic masterpiece.

Who is Eddie Kurland?

Eddie Kurland, born in 1938 in the captivating city of New York, embarked on a notable journey in the entertainment industry. 

After earning a degree in journalism from the University of Miami, he entered the publishing realm and assumed the role of a publicist at Paramount Pictures. 

While as a publicist at Paramount, he crossed paths with fellow publicist Al Ruddy. 

The duo developed a rapport, leading to their collaboration on various projects, including the 1968 comedy “The Odd Couple.”

As the associate producer, he worked closely with Ruddy, contributing to various aspects such as location scouting, financial management, and orchestrating memorable scenes like the iconic horsehead sequence. 

The synergy between Kurland and Ruddy proved to be instrumental, creating one of the greatest films of all time.

How did Eddie Kurland amalgamate in The Godfather?

How did Eddie Kurland amalgamate in The Godfather
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Eddie Kurland became involved in “The Godfather” through the efforts of his friend and colleague, Al Ruddy, who served as the film’s producer. 

Ruddy secured the rights to the novel from author Puzo for $80,000 and convinced Paramount to fund the project. 

Throughout the production, Ruddy faced numerous challenges and conflicts, including studio interference, directorial demands, cast issues, and even pressure from the mafia. 

Kurland played a crucial role as Ruddy’s reliable assistant, assisting with logistics, budgeting, location scouting, and negotiations. 

Notably, Kurland was instrumental in sourcing the infamous horse head used in one of the film’s most iconic and shocking scenes. 

In this scene, a Hollywood mogul wakes up to discover the severed head of his prized horse in his bed. 

Kurland contacted a dog food company known for slaughtering horses and requested a fresh horse head. 

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The Bond with Al Ruddy!

The Bond with Al Ruddy!
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The bond between Edward Kurland and Al Ruddy was defined by unwavering loyalty, mutual respect, and deep trust. 

They operated as a dynamic and symbiotic duo, providing reciprocal support as they navigated the intricate challenges in bringing “The Godfather” to fruition. 

Kurland admired Ruddy, considering him “the most talented producer” he had ever worked with, and credited him with imparting valuable insights that now enrich his professional portfolio.

Beyond “The Godfather”!

Kurland and Ruddy’s collaborative endeavours extended beyond the realms of “The Godfather.” 

These ventures included the 1974 comedic masterpiece “The Longest Yard,” featuring the iconic Burt Reynolds. 

Furthermore, they collaborated on the 1976 dramatic creation “The First Deadly Sin,” showcasing the incomparable Frank Sinatra on the cinematic stage. 

Their collaboration was reignited with the inception of the 1990 sequel, “The Godfather Part III,” where Kurland took on the role of co-producer.

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1. Who is Eddie Kurland in “The Offer”?

A limited series on Paramount+ titled “The Offer” will depict the behind-the-scenes adventures of filming “The Godfather.” Jake Cannavale will portray this remarkable role in the series, which has garnered widespread acclaim.

2. Did Eddie Kurland collaborate with Al Ruddy in real life?

Yes, Eddie Kurland worked alongside Al Ruddy as the associate producer of “The Godfather” and several other films. Their partnership extended beyond the professional realm, as they were good friends.

3. Is Eddie Kurland still alive?

Yes, he is alive and currently residing in Los Angeles. At 85 years old in 2023, retired from the film industry, Eddie Kurland maintains connections with friends from “The Godfather”. He eagerly anticipates watching “The Offer” to see how his story is portrayed on the big screen.

4. Is Edward Kurland still active in the film industry today?

As per the latest information, Edward Kurland is no longer active in the film industry and resides in Los Angeles. Although he is not actively involved in movie production, he stays in touch with colleagues from his filmmaking career.

5. Will Edward Kurland be portrayed in an upcoming series or movie?

Yes, an upcoming limited series titled “The Offer” on Paramount+ is set to depict the behind-the-scenes story of “The Godfather,” with Jake Cannavale cast to portray Edward Kurland in the series.


Edward Kurland stands as a significant chapter in cinematic history. His role as the associate producer in “The Godfather” and the enduring partnership with Al Ruddy highlight the crucial contributions of these often-overlooked architects of the cinematic realm. 

Kurland assisted Ruddy in various production aspects, including location scouting, budget management, and acquiring horse heads for the infamous scene. The loyal and respectful bond between Kurland and Ruddy endured for decades. 


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