Develop the Website for the Hospital with Medical WordPress Themes

How often do you look for the websites of private and public institutions? Did all sites meet modern design and functionality requests? Most likely, many portals will need to be updated or completely absent. We suggest you take care of your company’s resources now.

If you have a hospital or pharmacy, we recommend choosing medical WordPress themes from TemplateMonster for your resource.

What Is Medical WordPress Theme

In its original form, this CMS is an open-source management system. TemplateMonster has tons of ready-made skins. They are quite enough to create a professional store or an information portal. If you use pre-installed layouts, you can get lost among your competitors’ platforms. Developers search the web for designs, elements, and extensions to make a project unique.

From the current article, you will learn how to choose a design and functionality for a hospital that would satisfy your wishes as much as possible. The template is the files that form the design of the site. A typical design has several main blocks: header, footer, sidebar, and content area.

The last component is in the center and is responsible for displaying images and text. In the footer, you will find information about the platform, installed counters, etc. The main horizontal menu, search form, logo, and contacts are in the header. The sidebar can be on the right or left. Here, you often see a subscription form, additional sections, and news.

Each of the presented elements is a separate document. In any version, you will find a style sheet. It is responsible for describing the appearance of the document. The main layout file is index.php. It determines the visual arrangement of other elements.

What Features Do You Need for a Hospital Website or Medical Store

Each niche has requirements for the functionality of the resource. The client expects help and available information from your platform. What features do you need for hospital portals?

Online registration

The personal office feature has a specialist’s work schedule for technically prepared centers. It has 20-minute intervals for e-meetings. Such a schedule is synchronized with the internal accounting system. It downloads the customer’s time statuses that they have selected.

This functionality reduces the load on the call center. The user will go through the registration process through the page. After that, the operator must confirm the recording with a call. You change this process to a message.


After the coronavirus pandemic, the personal profiles topic has gained new relevance again. With this, the doctor or patient can fix payments for consultations, tests, and research. With the help of a personal office, the doctor maintains a virtual card for the patient. It reflects the client’s data and history:

  • Details of attends with dates
  • Names of treating doctors
  • History of the disease
  • Treatment scheme with drug prescriptions
  • Analytics results.

Service for obtaining the results of analyses online

If the patient does not have a constant need for a fully functional personal office, then you use a truncated personal client office with one function – issuing test results. In such an account, no authorization is required, only confirmation through an access code. It is necessary so that only the user receives the results.

Payment of services through the site

Usually, we pay for the services immediately after receiving them at the hospital. However, you offer the fee on your page. Currently, services can be obtained at home with online consultation. Also, your client may have the idea to order a gift certificate for clinic services for family or friends.

In this case, payment through the web portal is no different from a fee in a store. You connect it to any website and begin accepting prices via card or gateways. It is also possible to issue an electronic check according to all the rules of current legislation.

Video consultations

The high demand for video consultations has become popular in 2020. Many people need a doctor’s assistance. However, they cannot leave the house and go to the polyclinic in person. Therefore, almost all commercial organizations responded to this need for remote services.

Video consultations save time for visits to the clinic and reduce the risk of infection. Doctors get the opportunity to assist people not only from other regions but also from other countries. Let’s consider the methods of conducting the video:

skype or zoom

using built-in modules

online messenger on the site with the ability to make a video call

application for smartphones.

Medical WordPress Themes Tutorial

What should you know before selecting a skin for your web resource? Follow the link and check the video. It provides plenty of information on the matter.

Medical WordPress Themes FAQ

What Is the Difference between and’s biggest strength is its security and full-service support, so it’s a great place to start if you’re new. However, the functionality is limited. Also, you need to pay for the platform and extensions to expand your functionality. The main advantage of is the great level of freedom you have in what you do with your page. The disadvantage is the difficulty of learning the technical details and the responsibility for the consequences that the freedom of action leads to.

How to Get Medical WordPress Templates from TemplateMonster?

Choose the necessary skin. Add to the cart and enter the billing information. Select a convenient payment system. After transferring funds, you will receive an SMS message, email, or call for verification. After a successful process, you download the zip option from the profile. Unpack the file with your layout and operate it!

What Visual Builder Does Medical Theme Include?

TemplateMonster offers a large selection of layouts with a built-in editor. In the list, you choose skins from Elementor, Gutenberg, WPBakery, Cherry Framework, Visual Composer, MotoPress, Breeze, etc.

How to Choose Medical Themes from TemplateMonster?

Check out your competitors and pay attention to the designs of the best. Develop a functional framework to identify standard features of the finished solution and customizations that require resources. Choose the skin for your hospital or store with the appropriate layout structure. 

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