Aritzia Return Policy

Wondering about Aritzia return policy? You’ve come to the right place for the answer.

When making your initial purchase at a store, it’s common to review the return policy before finalizing the order.

This is particularly crucial for clothing brands such as Aritzia; it’s reassuring to know the coverage in case the clothing doesn’t meet your expectations.

Discover all the essential details about Aritzia return policy here. This includes insights into its advantages and potential drawbacks, providing a comprehensive overview for your understanding.

3 Reasons It Sucks Why Aritzia Return Policy Sucks:

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1. Returns And Exchanges Are Particular:

Although their return and exchange policy generally facilitates the process, there are specific conditions that can pose challenges.

For instance, certain items like swim tops and accessories are exclusively eligible for online returns. Conversely, purchases made in-store can only be returned at a physical store location.

Regarding exchanges, it’s important to note that online exchanges are not permitted. To exchange a product, a visit to an in-store location is necessary.

Alternatively, if opting for an exchange, the original item cannot be exchanged online. Instead, one must visit a physical store for any exchange transactions. Alternatively, the option to return the original item and then make a new purchase is available.

It’s crucial to highlight that items purchased in-store must be returned in-person, as mail processing is not an option. No exceptions are made for handling in-store purchases through mail.

2. They’re Tough When It Comes To Returning Certain Sale Items:

Everybody appreciates a great sale, but sometimes even discounted items may not meet expectations, necessitating a return. Aritzia has specific guidelines when it comes to refunds for sale items.

For returns on sale items, it’s crucial that the item wasn’t marked at 50% off or more at the time of purchase. Any item with a discount of 50% or more is considered a final sale, rendering it ineligible for any return or exchange.

3. Short Time Limit On Returns:

Short Time Limit On Returns
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Aritzia offers high-end products, but they impose a limited timeframe for returns. You are granted a 14-day window from the date of shipment to receive, try on, and decide on returning the item by mail.

This time frame may seem relatively short, especially considering potential issues with the package during transit. If the return is made within the specified 14 days, a full refund is issued, provided the items meet the required condition.

However, returns outside of this 14-day period will only qualify for merchandise credit on an e-gift card. Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure that returns are processed within 30 days of the original purchase date to be eligible for any refund.

7 Reasons It Sucks Why Aritzia Return Policy Is Great

1. Overall They’re Easy Going:

Aritzia’s return and exchange policy is quite accommodating.

Almost any item can be returned for a complete refund, given it falls within the specified time limit and meets the outlined qualifications. This policy extends to certain sale items as well.

The conditions set by Aritzia are reasonable, and typically, an item qualifies for a refund as long as it remains unworn, undamaged, and hasn’t undergone laundering.

2. They’ve Taken Steps To Become More Eco-Friendly:

They have recently adopted a more environmentally friendly approach for online orders. Paper invoices are no longer included in their shipped orders.

Instead, your shipping confirmation email, along with the e-receipt email, serves as your new receipt. If a return is necessary, the information in these two emails is sufficient to initiate the process.

3. Returns For Sale Items:

In certain locations, returns may not be permitted for products already on sale, particularly when dealing with in-store purchases.

However, online sales follow a distinct policy. An accommodating approach is observed, allowing returns for items marked up to 50% off.

To qualify for merchandise credit, the sale item must be returned within 14 days of the shipping date, adhering to the general return and exchange conditions.

4. Make An Return At Any Store:

A notable advantage of buying from Aritzia is the flexibility to return items to any store within the original country of purchase. Whether the purchase was made online or in-store, returns can be processed at any boutique.

5. Easily Make Returns By Mail:

Easily Make Returns By Mail

Aritzia simplifies the return process, offering convenient options for everyone. If visiting a store is not feasible, they have an alternative solution.

For mail returns, there’s an extended window of 4 additional days compared to in-store returns, ensuring eligibility for a full refund.

The mail return procedure is straightforward, and if you were logged into your Aritzia account at the time of purchase, the usual $8 postage fee for mail returns is waived.

6. When You Have Trouble They’re Here To Help:

Occasionally, the return process may encounter unexpected bumps, but Aritzia is here to assist.

Whether you face challenges while submitting the original order, need to cancel or modify your purchase, or require additional support, you can reach out to their concierge.

Feel free to give them a call at 1-800-ARITZIA (247-8942) or send an email to receive the extra help you need.

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7. Items Purchased With Afterpay or Paypal Can Be Refunded:

Items Purchased With Afterpay or Paypal Can Be Refunded:
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Online shopping has become incredibly convenient. You no longer need to save or input your debit or credit card information when using programs like Paypal.

For those who prefer making small payments, Afterpay allows you to contribute to a larger order balance. Even if you initially used Paypal or Afterpay for your purchase at Aritzia, you can still qualify for a refund.

If Paypal was the payment method, a full refund is available, but the items must be sent back by mail. If Paypal was used for an in-store purchase, the refund will be issued as merchandise credit.

For Afterpay used online, a refund is eligible upon mailing back the items, and the reimbursed amount reflects in your Afterpay account upon receipt.

If Afterpay was used in-store, the refund may be issued to your credit card, exchanged, or provided as merchandise credit. It’s important to note potential additional installment payments to your Afterpay account, and further details can be found in the Afterpay FAQ.

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For additional clarity on the return and exchange policy, here are some commonly asked questions that provide crucial details:

1. Can The Order Be Modified Or Canceled?

To streamline the process before an item is shipped, Aritzia Conciergerie offers a window of 30 minutes from the “Submit Order” time for modifications or cancellations during their operating hours. Contact them at 1-800-ARITZIA (274-8942).

2. How Long Does It Take To Receive A Refund?

Due to pandemic-related safety measures, Aritzia has extended the refund processing time. Typically, you can expect the return within 10-14 days from the initiation of the return process.

3. Can I Return A Gift Card?

Gift card purchases are non-refundable, and the funds must be spent at Aritzia. Items bought with a gift card will result in an in-store merchandise credit or can be converted into a new gift card for future use.

4. How Do I Make A Return By Mail?

If unable to visit a store for returns, follow these steps for mailing back an item:

  • Sign in to your Aritzia account or find the order number on the Order Tracking page.
  • On the Order History page, select “Return Item” and complete the form.
  • Review all order details before submission.
  • Pack the items, use the original return label, and follow instructions on the Return Confirmation page.
  • Ensure the return is postmarked within 30 days of the original shipping confirmation and returned within 14 days for a full reimbursement.
  • If the original label is lost, contact Aritzia concierge with order details for a replacement.
  • Once received, processing takes 7-10 business days, and refunds are issued within 10-14 days. Confirmation email will be sent.

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