254 Area Code - A Comprehensive Guide!

Activate your new 254 area code business phone number within minutes using OpenPhone. With OpenPhone, you can make calls from your existing device, eliminating the need for a new phone, store visits, or additional contracts. 

With a few clicks, you can easily register for a phone number and establish your presence in any preferred area code nationwide. Having a local number enhances the perception that your business is an integral part of the community.

Utilize a user-friendly app to manage calls and texts seamlessly on your cell phone, tablet, or computer from any location.

After activating your phone number, customize your business settings and consolidate all your business calls in one convenient location.

Now, let’s delve into some essential details about area code 254, spanning population size, major cities, neighboring area codes, and surrounding counties:

At the heart of area code 254 is Killeen, Texas, its largest city, boasting a population of 153,095. This area code encompasses Killeen and adjacent regions such as Waco, Temple, Belton, and Stephenville.

Area code 254 extends across 24 counties, including Bell, McLennan, Coryell, Williamson, Erath, Hill, Hood, Limestone, Eastland, and Bosque counties.

Major cities in proximity to area code 254 include those in neighboring area codes like 214/469/972 (Dallas, TX), 325 (Abilene, TX), 430/903 (Tyler, TX), 512/737 (Austin, TX), 682/817 (Fort Worth, TX), 830 (New Braunfels, TX), 936 (Conroe, TX), 940 (Denton, TX), and 979 (College Station, TX).

The Biggest Business Trends in Area Code 254!

The Biggest Business Trends in Area Code 254!
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For many new companies, understanding the area’s predominant industries and major employers is crucial for gauging available resources to support their growth. Explore the key facts and trends in area code 254:

Situated in Central Standard Time, the major city of Killeen experienced a 0.30% population increase from 2019 to 2020. The county’s unemployment rate is 7%, with Killeen households earning approximately $62,332 annually.

New business applications in Killeen surged by 52.00% from 2019 to 2020, and the startup survival rate for the state is 79.60%.

Startups in the area operate within a business environment primarily dominated by three industries:

  • Educational services, healthcare, and social assistance
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional, scientific, management, administrative, and waste management services

Among the top ten employers in Killeen, businesses find themselves alongside major entities such as the US Army, Killeen ISD, Scott & White Healthcare, Baylor Scott & White Health, U.S.

Department of Veterans Affairs, Walmart, Baylor Health Care System, McLane Company, Inc., Central Texas College, and Belton ISD.

Ready to enhance your presence in the Killeen area? Begin your free seven-day trial of OpenPhone now, enabling you to make calls and send texts immediately using your local 254 area code number without needing new hardware.

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Why do businesses sign up for a virtual 254 number with OpenPhone!

Why do businesses sign up for a virtual 254 number with OpenPhone!
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1. Go anywhere, appear locally in 254:

Get a local 254 phone number effortlessly in the 254 area code or seamlessly port your existing number with no service interruptions. The process takes just minutes and is handled for you. 

Obtain your phone number and start making calls and sending texts swiftly, managing your conversations through an easy-to-use inbox.

OpenPhone provides accessible apps for tablets, computers, or smartphones. Once your number is activated, OpenPhone seamlessly operates on any device.

OpenPhone functions from nearly anywhere globally, allowing you to travel or reside overseas while maintaining a local appearance.

Connect with clients beyond state borders or from a coworking space across continents, requiring only an internet connection.

Not residing in the desired area code? Not a problem. You can still utilize your number without incurring typical long-distance charges. OpenPhone offers free calling and texting to any US or Canadian number.

2. Leave a strong impression:

Maintain organized and professional conversations, even when working remotely, with OpenPhone. When you’re off-duty, automatically mute business notifications after hours.

Enhance your business image with features like a phone menu, caller ID, and customized voicemail greetings. This allows you to leave a positive impression on callers. While your business ID ensures customers recognize your calls, your private number remains secure. 

Just because you’re using a personal device doesn’t expose your cell phone number to customers. Incoming calls to your device display as an OpenPhone number, making it easy to distinguish work-related calls from personal ones.

Enroll in multiple OpenPhone numbers, ensuring you always identify which calls to your cell phone are associated with specific OpenPhone numbers or are personal.

3. Easily scale your phone system as your team grows:

Easily scale your phone system as your team grows
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Acquire as many phone numbers as your business requires effortlessly. Instantly create new numbers to explore new markets or assign specific numbers to individual team members. No need to visit a store or endure long waits with customer service – all numbers are ready for use.

Efficiently manage incoming calls and messages by allowing your team to share access to a common number.

Shared access lets your team stay coordinated, collaborate on tasks, and communicate through threads. Improve responsiveness by quickly deploying saved message templates as snippets for common inquiries.

With a local business phone number in area code 254, you can easily project a local presence and expand your company’s regional reach. Fuel your growth with OpenPhone, recognized as the #1 business phone solution on G2.

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1. How can I obtain a local 254 phone number?

Start your OpenPhone account, and during the signup process, search by city or area code to get your local 254 phone number.

2. Can I purchase a local 254 Texas phone number?

OpenPhone plans begin at $15 per user per month and include one local 254 or toll-free number with each user. Additional numbers beyond your user count are available for $5 per number per month.

3. Can I forward calls from my 254 area code phone number elsewhere?

You can forward your Texas number to any US or Canadian number using OpenPhone.

4. How many 254 or Texas phone numbers am I allowed to have?

Obtain as many 254 phone numbers as needed, and any extra numbers beyond your user count can be acquired for $5 per number per month.

5. Can I transfer my existing 254 number to OpenPhone?

You can port any US or Canadian number to OpenPhone for free. Simply submit your porting request through the OpenPhone app.


Activate your 254 area code business number swiftly with OpenPhone, ensuring professional and organized communication from any device. Seamlessly manage calls, customize settings, and expand your local presence in Killeen with a free seven-day trial.


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